"someone help." wristband to benefit Ben Speaks

"someone help." wristband to benefit Ben Speaks


Sales from each tee will benefit Ben Speaks.

Ben Speaks is an organization that believes that incorporating expressive and healing arts into the life of people with anxiety, depression, or stress is another option available, aside from traditional therapy and prescription drugs. They offer programs to empower any and all adolescents to become emotionally resilient. These programs provide resources for people who are bullied or witness bullying behavior, want to learn how to become/ feel empowered, have emotional issues or a mental illness, self-harm, have low or lowered self esteem, experience suicidal thoughts or have friends that do, are healing from addiction, or even just want to learn new ways of dealing with stress. 

I chose to support Ben Speaks because I stand behind their approach. Throughout my life, I have been bullied multiple times, experienced bullying in other people, been anxious, been lonely, been depressed, have had low self esteem, and have thought that suicide was an option when it so clearly now is not. I have always used music and songwriting to keep me going, and Island is one of those songs I wrote when I was in one of those dark places. 

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Kacie will also have wristbands with her for sale at shows.