Kacie Grenon promo on NH1

Leading in to her opening performance for Scotty McCreery at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Kacie went to NH1 Studios to shoot video:


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Kacie Grenon Island merch to benefit Ben Speaks

Excited to share this behind-the-scenes video with you from the shooting of the lyric video for my song Island. 

For a limited time, you can download Island for free via SoundCloud.

Additionally, “someone help.” merch has been added to MY STORE and sales from the tees and wristbands will benefit Ben Speaks.

Ben Speaks is an organization that believes that incorporating expressive and healing arts into the life of people with anxiety, depression, or stress is another option available, aside from traditional therapy and prescription drugs. They offer programs to empower any and all adolescents to become emotionally resilient. These programs provide resources for people who are bullied or witness bullying behavior, want to learn how to become/ feel empowered, have emotional issues or a mental illness, self-harm, have low or lowered self esteem, experience suicidal thoughts or have friends that do, are healing from addiction, or even just want to learn new ways of dealing with stress. 

I chose to support Ben Speaks because I stand behind their approach. Throughout my life I have been bullied multiple times, experienced bullying in other people, been anxious, been lonely, been depressed, have had low self esteem, and have thought that suicide was an option when it so clearly now is not. I have always used music and songwriting to keep me going, and Island is one of those songs I wrote when I was in one of those dark places.

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Last Reach re-branding announcement

ANNOUNCEMENT on April 4, 2018

After meeting with multiple music industry professionals in the last few weeks, we at Last Reach have decided to follow their (unanimous) advice of streamlining our branding efforts with that of lead singer, Kacie Grenon. Kacie, Nick, Zach & Spencer will still be playing full band gigs together and some combination of the boys will still accompany Kacie on future acoustic duo/trio shows. All branding of Last Reach as it exists today will be transitioning over to Kacie Grenon.

We would love for you to follow us over there for all future band-related posts and announcements. Working hard on writing new music to release, new logos, and new merch.

Stay tuned!

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